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☆Heart, Mind, and Soul☆

Dong Bang Shin Ki LJ Community

동방신기 (東方神起)
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Welcome to dongbangshinki, a community made for the popular Korean pop/acapella group Dong Bang Shin Ki. This community was created for DBSK fans to share their opinions and thoughts as well as to meet other DBSK fans from around the world.

You may post anything DBSK related here, whether it be news, thoughts and opinions, media, fanwork, etc. but a few rules must be followed to keep this place running smoothly :)

1) Please when you post put a subject in the subject line.
2) Post images behind an lj cut unless they are teaser pics, small banners, and other such small pictures. Same goes for imageless but long entries. Behind an lj-cut please. :)
3) All downloads must be friends-locked.
4) Make sure to credit whenever possible when you post news and media.
5) Requesting is allowed, but please be reasonable when you do this. ^^;;
6) Please be courteous and friendly. Absolutely no flaming/hateful insults towards anybody.
7) You may advertise communities just as long as they are Asian movie/drama/actor/singer-related.
8) Have fun and be active! d(^__^)b

TVXQ is a Korean band that has gained popularity in Japan, Taiwan, China, and other East-Asian countries. Today, it has become one of Asia's most influential pop bands, and is one of the top bands of the Korean Wave. TVXQ is referred to by various names, its Korean title being 'Dong Bang Shin Gi/Ki’ (동방신기), which is abbreviated to either DBSK or DBSG. The Japanese equivalent is Tōhōshinki (東方神起). Although the group is synonymous with numerous tags, its official name is Tong Vfang Xien Qi. The group debuted in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China approximately in 2004. TVXQ is composed of five male members specializing in the areas of dance, A cappella, various drama acting, and pop with an R&B vibe. (Credit to Wikipedia)

 name: Jung Yun Ho (정윤호)/(允浩)
 stage name: U-Know
 dob: February 6, 1986
 blood type: A
 height: 184cm
 weight: 66kg
 position: Bass vocal, leader, band daddy :D
 hobbies: Listening to music, reading, playing sports, composing music

 name: Kim Jae Joong (김재중)/(在中)
 stage name: Hero (Young Woong)
 dob: January 26, 1986
 blood type: O
 height: 180cm
 weight: 63kg
 position: Main vocal, oldest member, band mommy ^_^
 hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music, piano, composing, cooking

 name: Park Yoo Chun (박유천)/(有天)
 stage name: Micky
 dob: June 4, 1986
 blood type: O
 height: 180cm
 weight: 64kg
 position: middle bass vocal
 hobbies: Composing music, piano, basketball

 name: Kim Jun Su (김준수)/(俊秀)
 stage name: Xiah
 dob: December 15, 1986
 blood type: B
 height: 178cm
 weight: 60kg
 position: Middle high vocal
 hobbies: Games, singing, piano, soccer

 name: Shim Chang Min (심창민)/(昌珉)
 stage name: Max (Choi Kang)
 dob: February 18, 1988
 blood type: B
 height: 186cm
 weight: 61kg
 position: High vocal, youngest member
 hobbies: Games, singing, reading, listening to music, eating

Must Read!-->TVXQ Friendship Chronicle Records (part 1), TVXQ Friendship Chronicle Records (part 2)



If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact me through pm

chang_min (Chang Min)
yoochun_love (Yoo Chun)
jae_is_pie (Jae Joong)
yunhoyah (Yun Ho)
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jaesoo_love (Jaejoong x Junsu)
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_starcandy (Jaejoong x Changmin)
min_su (Changmin x Junsu)
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homin_yongwonhi (Yunho x Changmin)
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